Guests’house and suite
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Guests’house and suite
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Guests’house and suite
The guest’s house open to you its doors...
in a closed and full of flowers place
Topaze Garden level 
bright (bed of 160 cm)
Bed and breakfast - Gîte de France 3 ears of wheat
and a little studious.
Ébêne Garden level 
calm and romantic  (bed of 160 cm)
favourable in the musing... (corner lounge)
Saphir 1er floor
like a revisited boudoir (2 beds 1 personne)
the head in the stars, the heart in trip
The cristal suite based in the 2nd floor in the main house, welcome the families.
and near the summit...
not to far from the children (bed of 160 cm)
a calm atmosphere
Lounge or childrens' room
Parents' room
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